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Creating Twitter Cases without leaving Sugar 7

Par Audrey le 9 janvier 2014

The implementation of a CRM solution allows to improve quickly the daily follow-up of your customers. We hear since a few years about “Social CRM”, many interpretations can ensue from this trend.
We shall speak here rather about a concrete case which is to use a social media, in this particular case Twitter, as a communication channel with your customer to bring him a reactive and personalized follow-up.

Many solutions are available to do this kind of follow-up in a global way on several social media like HootSuite. Our Australian friends from InsightFull already allow you to create a lead or a ticket directly from HootSuite to SugarCRM through their specific plugin

With Sugar 7 you can display at any time Twitter feeds of one of your customers, colleague of your customers, etc. It allows you to have a quick idea of its current activity. It was asked to us to provide to realize the same type of action from Sugar 7 in order to limit the use of not several applications to manage the customer relationship.

Our team managed to implement this functional extension to permit Sugar 7 users to be more efficient.

A link « Create a ticket » is now available on each Tweet :

Twitter création de Ticket Sugar 7

By clicking on this link, your collaborator sees appearing a window allowing him to create a case, the completeness of the context being resumed, he can concentrate then only on the answer which he wants to make.

twitter création Ticket Sugar 7

And it is over ! Your collaborator offered a quick and effective answer to a question shared on Twitter without going out of Sugar 7 !

twitter création Ticket Sugar 7


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