Think out of the Codes

Getting out of the usual path, opening new perspectives, developing an outstanding expertise, cultivate our teams ambition to better serve the one of our clients: That's our key ingredients in your project recipe to success

Passion and Expertise to server your projects

Synolia was founded in 2004 with 4 partners sharing a strong will to propose an alternative, half system integrator half web agency, to companies willing to onboard innovative technologies to strengthen their growth. CRM and e-commerce were the main focuses of the company, other focuses came to reinforce the company’s offer such as Business Intelligence, PIM and Marketing Automation in order to fulfill the new challenges faced by brands and companies.

Our philosophy: “Think out of the codes”

We think outside of the established codes and the software code to open new growth perspectives to our clients. We pride ourselves as experts and we share our passion with the ambitious projects of each and every clients of ours. We pride ourselves as experts and we share our passion to draw efficient and innovative ways to lead ambitious projects with our clients.

Our Mission

Assist companies in their digitalisation
and free them of technical constraints

We assist companies in their digital transformation by offering technological solutions allowing them to focus on the development of their activity without worrying about technical constraints. With Synolia, you rely on a team of recognized experts who bring you new perspectives always with the goal of enhance your business.

To drive this mission, we rely on our ability to understand and master the business processes of each of our clients, regardless of their activity and issues, on our talented and certified teams, and on our commitment to deliver the best solutions and best service to our clients.

mission Synolia


Our Vision

At Synolia we are convinced that the success of a project does not depend only on technology but also on your partner selection who will assist you in this transformation. We strive to understand in depth your challenges and specificities in order to develop solutions to serve your ambitions.

15+ years of experience give us the conviction that a successful project requires an honest collaboration and a mutual understanding of the stakes.

Our values

A few simple principles that allow us to set up a positive dynamic at the service of each new project.


who does not conform to prevailing ideas or practices in their behaviour or views


the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles


willingness to give your time and energy to a job, activity, or something that you believe in

Key figures

to get to know us better

5 offices

Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris,
Grand-Ouest, Santiago de Chili

97+ talents

always ready to try new challenges

€9+ Millions

turnover in 2019

200+ clients

we assist on a day-to-day basis

92% of our clients

are happy and satisfied
from our collaboration

15+ years

Our 1st client and our 1st employee are still here to testimony

A dynamic tight-knit team, ready to take on your strategic and operational challenges.
Synolia E-commerce
Synolia Team PIM

“Think out of the codes” is:

4 founders create a company with equal shares outside of the established codes, they were given doomed in a few weeks. A strong conviction, a fierce desire to develop the company with a different model, not a system integrator not a web agency, with one ambition to satisfy clients and employees.
Think and act outside of the conformity, the compliancy, the formatted marketing speech, the political correctness, the peddler of dreams… to serve our clients and their projects.
A human encounter story, of success, failures, joys, pains with a growing community that spread, co-opt, recommend, federate… of strong choices and strong positions to shake things up.
Sell, build, and deliver project differently with full respect to commitments and clients satisfaction.
To get surrounded with talents for their value, their expertise, their motivation, their ability to adhere to our codes and to go beyond those codes to question themselves and continuously improve their skills.
To develop projects not only from a technical perspective or to produce code, or even for the sake of it, but to seek the code generating value for our client.
Go beyond codes to deliver a different customer experience and help our customers do the same. Find new disruptive solutions that provide our customers with another way of seeing and thinking.
Still plenty of other things, tomorrow and in the future, as long as there are men, women, partners and clients who trust us to get them elsewhere and beyond code and codes.