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No more BtoC solutions that are laboriously adapted to BtoB constraints! OroCommerce, developed by the creators of Magento, is the new benchmark for BtoB online sales.

Synolia, gold partner of OroCommerce

Rather than define the functional basis of its BtoB platform on its own, Oro surrounded itself with six international partners to build a new-generation BtoB solution with them. Oro launches the “Core Partner Program”, making Synolia the solution’s one and only French-speaking partner for e-commerce website creation.

In 2019, we are the first partner in the world to achieve gold partner status, the highest level of certification offered by the publisher.



OroCommerce, the BtoB component of the Oro platform

In 2012, after more than four years spent developing the Magento platform, Jary Carter, Yoav Kutner and Dima Soroka founded Oro Inc.

Their undisputed expertise in e-commerce solutions prompted them to launch Oro, a new platform that would be the technological foundation for a new generation of solutions.

First, they launch OroCRM, a customer relationship management solution dedicated to BtoC. The solution grew rapidly under the impetus of the management team. But also thanks to an excellent network of expert partners, of which Synolia soon became the leading player in Europe.

Shortly afterwards, the platform was enriched with Akeneo, a new PIM brick.
Oro’s founders personally invested in this solution from a young French start-up (cocorico!). In just a few months, Akeneo became the world leader in open source PIM solutions. Once again, Synolia was involved from the outset, becoming one of the main partners in France.

On April 8, 2015, Oro launches the third brick in its platform with OroCommerce, an e-commerce solution dedicated to BtoB. On the strength of its involvement in all the solutions revolving around Oro, Synolia naturally becomes the solution’s first partner.

Why an e-commerce platform dedicated to BtoB?

Since Synolia was founded in 2004, dozens of companies have benefited from our BtoB e-commerce support. All with constraints specific to their activity: management of multiple price catalogs, multiple shopping baskets, commercial relations between the company and its professional customers (requests for quotes, specific quotations, cascading orders)… These are all functions that are complex to implement on platforms initially designed to deal with BtoC issues.

Systematic adaptation to BtoB constraints requires costly and often highly complex developments (advanced interfaces with the company’s ERP). And the only solutions truly dedicated to BtoB activities are often proprietary, expensive, restrictive and not very scalable. In short, there was a place to be had, and Oro took it with intelligence.

Pro account management

with specific rights to catalogs, products and prices according to the company’s various departments or subsidiaries.

International platform

with brand management for different countries, different currencies, and all associated local constraints (taxes, local regulations…).

BtoB content management

such as technical characteristics, or specific prices according to precise rules (price per quantity, packaging, etc.).

Advanced product catalog management

for companies, customer groups or individual customers.

BtoB price management

with customized price lists for each company, customer or group of customers.

Multiple baskets

and the ability to save an order, take it back, modify it, negotiate it…

Exchange with customers

Orocommerce natively offers a complete customer interaction platform.

BtoB workflow engine

to manage both the purchasing processes of professional customers and the processing rules of your sales teams.

OroPlatform: a genuine ecosystem for BtoB merchants

With its CRM, PIM and now e-commerce bricks, Oro offers an environment without equal on the market. Companies can now rely on an open source ecosystem that is ultra-high-performance, modular, scalable and, above all, accessible to all sizes of business.



Synolia supports your BtoB e-commerce project

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