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Synolia, a long-standing partner and a team of specialists to ensure the success of your Akeneo projects!

Synolia and Akeneo have been working together for many years. The PIM solutions integrator and the publisher have been working together from day one, and have implemented numerous projects in France and Europe since the beginning of their collaboration. In view of the growing interest in PIM in the e-commerce community, and with a view to providing its customers with the best possible services, Synolia has been developing real expertise in this technology for many years, and in particular in Akeneo.


As a service provider, Synolia works closely with Akeneo on a daily basis, and today boasts a team renowned for its platform expertise. Furthermore, given the Open Source nature of the solution and Akeneo’s desire to involve its partners in its development, Synolia plays an active role in its improvement.

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More about Akeneo

A French solution, Akeneo is a PIM tool that occupies a leading position in the e-commerce market.

Since its creation, Akeneo’s aim has been to help you optimize the management of your content, so that you can be more efficient and devote more time to high value-added tasks. With Akeneo, it’s all about taking the product experience to the next level! Collecting, modeling, personalizing and distributing data has never been easier.




To help you make the most of your product data, Akeneo offers a comprehensive range of advanced functionalities.

From the outset, Akeneo chose not to develop too many features, but rather to offer fewer, high-quality ones. What’s more, these features have been chosen and created to fully meet users’ business needs! On a day-to-day basis, your teams will be able to manipulate, enrich and publish your product information in a highly relevant and productive way.

Constantly evolving thanks to its Open Source nature, Akeneo regularly releases new versions of its tool. These advances are largely inspired by feedback from customers and partners.

Thanks to this collaborative and flexible dimension, Akeneo offers you a management solution that fully meets your needs, that you can easily appropriate, and that you can develop according to your needs.

Akeneo, for whom?

The Akeneo solution is aimed at all companies with digital and print sales channels who want to take their omnichannel product experience to the next level, without having to learn how to use an overly complex tool. The software solution is particularly well suited to non-technical teams. With a real focus on user experience (UX) and ergonomics, the editor offers a business-oriented, easy-to-use interface.

Akeneo’s main concern was to build a tool for all teams working around product information, and to take away the difficulties of using an overly complex tool. The idea was to appeal to as many people as possible and save them time. No special skills are required to use Akeneo. By quickly getting to grips with the tool, teams can concentrate on their core business and on delivering a high-quality product experience..

Why choose Akeneo?

  • Distribute the right product data to the right sales channels! By centralizing all your product information within a single platform and guaranteeing excellent data quality, Akeneo enables you to be particularly efficient in the management and publication of your product data.
  • Multiply the potential of your PIM by integrating it with the rest of your Information System (CRM, ERP, CMS, marketplace, DAM, collaborative…) thanks to a high-performance API and the editor’s numerous connectors.
  • Rely on Akeneo’s responsive functional and technical support to help you fully understand your tool and optimize its use, so you can make the most of your product information.

  • Adopt Akeneo quickly, and optimize its use thanks to a wealth of online documentation! Your teams can independently find answers to their questions (functional, technical, business…) and save precious time when using the tool.
  • Integrate Akeneo’s rich ecosystem of partners, extend the possibilities of your PIM and take advantage of the many opportunities it offers you! By surrounding yourself with the best experts, you benefit from the best knowledge.


Synolia et Akeno un partenariat historique

Some features…

Collecting product information

Gather your raw data from all your sources within your PIM, passing it through your applications connected to Akeneo in Excel files or via powerful APIs.

Standardization and structure

Apply the rules you want to your data and easily build product catalogs that reflect your image and match your customers’ expectations.

Asset Manager

Centralize, modify and optimize your multimedia content with the Asset Manager, a very useful feature for media management, and adapt it to your different sales channels.

Reference Entities

Enhance your product experience by adding additional, contextual, real and personalized information to your basic data (brands, designers, etc.).

Advanced rights management

Control all the processes surrounding your product information by finely managing your contributors’ access, so that they only have access to the functionalities they need.

Rules engine

Set up customized business rules and run them automatically to enrich your data efficiently, while minimizing the risk of error and freeing up your teams’ time.


And many more !

Data quality analysis, product catalog completeness check, Teamwork Assistant, version management and publication, data export…

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