Synolia Digital eXperience Platform

Digital expertises of Synolia
in the service of all experiences

Through its digital expertise, Synolia offers a range of solutions enabling you to deliver the best experience to your customers, users and employees.

In 2022, worldwide spending on digital transformation reached 1.6 billion US$. By 2026, it is expected to reach US$ 3,400 billion (Statista).

Today’s customers demand personalized experiences at every stage of their journey. And so do your employees. In direct contact with your customers, the experience delivered to them must be just as meticulous.

Behind these teams, processes and philosophy, technology is the key to supporting your experience-driven digital transformation strategy.

Choose Synolia to build your digital ecosystem, designed first and foremost for you and your users. An ecosystem that will unify all your experiences and make them a key success factor.

More than a means of differentiating ourselves from our competitors, the quality of the customer experience we deliver has become an essential driver of growth.


Synolia’s digital expertise

DXP by Synolia E-commerce Collaboration Marketing Automation Mobility Sales force Management Business Intelligence Portal Customer Service PIM
E-commerce Boost your business!
Grow your online business by building your e-commerce site with one of the best e-commerce platforms on the market. Take advantage of its full potential to seize new opportunities and stand out from your competitors.
Collaboration Optimize your operations!
Provide your employees with the best possible working conditions, so that they can be productive, efficient and fulfilled, thanks to a relevant collaborative solution! Transform their daily lives, so they can do their jobs with peace of mind.
PIM Centralize all your product information!
Centralize your product information, enrich it easily and distribute it rapidly across all your sales channels thanks to a relevant PIM solution! Greater data reliability and improved customer experience guaranteed.
Sales force management Aim for the best experience!
Make your customers your priority and offer them an exceptional experience, thanks to a selection of solutions that can be customized and adapted to your business. A tool to enable your sales teams to be as efficient and relevant as possible!

A global
digital expertise

The solutions we implement have been carefully selected to cover your entire customer journey:

From marketing automation to customer service, collaboration and mobility, Synolia’s platform covers all phases and dimensions of the customer experience. Whatever your business (BtoB or BtoC)!

An integrated

A complete 360° view of your customers is essential to deliver the best possible experience.

Synolia’s platform consists of a suite of perfectly integrated solutions. As a result, your users have all the information they need to take relevant and effective action with your customers.

A tailor-made

Synolia designs your customized platform according to your needs and processes. Our sole objective: to support your strategy and your growth.

Our teams of experts will work with you to select the right solutions to create a digital ecosystem tailored to your needs, as well as to set up, implement and optimize it.