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Make your e-commerce projects on Adobe Commerce (Magento) a success with Synolia, Gold certified agency and strategic partner

Take your e-commerce activity to the next level with Adobe Commerce, the new name given to Magento by Adobe. This world-renowned solution will take your digital e-commerce project to the next level!

Synolia est certifié Adobe Solution Partner GoldFor nearly fifteen years, we’ve had a team of Adobe Commerce (Magento) experts with recognized certifications!

As a partner of Adobe Commerce (Magento) since the launch of the solution, Synolia is an agency specialized in e-commerce solutions and is an Adobe Solution Partner Gold.



With over a hundred large-scale projects carried out on the technology, our team of Magento specialists has unrivalled experience. Synolia has also won numerous awards from Adobe Commerce, including the “Spirit of Excellence” for a handful of Magento partners worldwide.

If you’re looking for the most competent Adobe Commerce (Magento) integrator partner to support you in the design, implementation, evolution, redesign or takeover of your e-commerce solution, let’s talk about your project!

Projects of all kinds with Adobe Commerce / Magento !


Synolia works mainly on medium to very large-scale Adobe Commerce projects for brands, retail specialists, industry players and any merchant for whom e-commerce is a strategic priority. We support you throughout your project: audit, consulting, functional and technical specifications, implementation, specific development, optimization, migration to Magento 2/Adobe Commerce, maintenance… The choice is yours!

Expert Adobe CommerceAn Adobe Commerce (Magento) development agency working closely with the publisher

As a major partner of the software publisher, Synolia works closely with development teams in Europe and North America.

In particular, we were the first French partner to deploy the Magento 2 Cloud Edition in France. And Synolia is also home to the first certified Adobe Commerce Cloud expert!

Our Adobe Commerce team has such a high level of expertise in the platform, and such close links with the publisher, that it plays an important role in the evolution of the solution. Adobe regularly calls on them to define and structure certification programs and tests for future integrators.

Interface Adobe Commerce responsive adapté au BtoB et BtoC

A range of high-performance services

The Adobe platform effectively combines a set of best-of-breed services and bricks specific to e-commerce. All of this is combined with cloud architecture (Amazon Web Service or Azure) for unrivalled performance and maximum scalability.

Adobe Commerce is a hybrid platform that addresses both BtoB and BtoC needs, and is fully customizable for both mid-market players looking to break new ground and large enterprises.

Adobe Commerce is a high-level platform that rivals solutions such as SalesForce or Hybris, while alleviating constraints and allowing enormous flexibility and adaptability to your project.

The power of an ecosystem

Adobe Commerce leverages the full power of the Adobe ecosystem to optimize and enrich the customer experience. Marketing, media management, data analysis… the e-commerce solution associated with the Adobe suite is a must-have for e-commerce!

What’s more, the platform’s flexibility and advanced customization options appeal to merchants looking for a platform in tune with their specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for an omnichannel strategy, international expansion or simply the launch of an online sales activity, the editor has the answers to all your problems and needs.

Adobe Commerce also boasts a community of over 150,000 developers who contribute to enriching the platform every day, as well as numerous technology partners.

A wide range of services and functions

Adobe Commerce offers a wide range of advanced functionalities designed to provide an ever richer and more relevant information and customer experience. For several years, an ambitious acquisition policy has enabled the publisher to enrich its solution with major functional bricks: CMS, advanced shipping management, BI platforms… With this e-commerce solution, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

The strengths of Magento 2 or Adobe Commerce :

  • A comprehensive, customizable platform
  • Intuitive administration interface
  • Easy integration
  • Available in Cloud or On-Premise mode


Ability to manage multiple international sites


A large library of APIs to integrate your site into your IS


Efficient management of ERP, OMS and WMS challenges


A responsive design and/or PWA interface to suit your needs


A cloud platform powered by AWS or Azure


True scalability to support millions of euros of transactions

Artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence dimension with the Sensei engine

Customer experience

A genuine culture of customer experience with appropriate tools (AEM…)


Full interfacing with many PIMs on the market

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