Module Address Helper

Address Helper,
an optimized use of your addresses

With Address Helper, you can qualify and use your customers’ addresses with certainty! Automatic data entry, data suggestion, layout uniformization, verified information: there are some of the expectations that our module - based on the LocationIQ library - meets, allowing you to have a high-quality address database. No more errors or long hours spent checking and uniformizing information!

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Exploit quality data quickly
and without asking any questions!

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Don’t waste any more time
for addresses

With Address Helper, as soon as you type an address in Sugar, you are presented with several options. First, this pre-entry feature allows you to save time by confirming an address in the system thanks to autocompletion. It is also the best way to be sure of its spelling and accuracy. All you then have to do is to choose the right suggestion, and all the information will be automatically filled in.

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Use your addresses
with certainty

With Address Helper, your addresses are formatted according to a predetermined template as soon as they are saved. This way, they are already standardized and ready to be used without having to correct them! This saves you and your team a lot of time, and you no longer have to worry about their accuracy and format. The data is reliable and usable immediately.

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Enhance the quality
of your CRM data

As a CRM used, data quality should be one of your top priorities. Address Helper allows you to strengthen it. By only using verified data, this module allows you to improve the overall quality of your data and thus to work in confidence, with a much lower margin of error. Higher quality for a better data processing!

Address Helper allows you to:

Module Address Helper

  • Quickly enter the addresses
    of your clients, leads and partners
  • Benefit from a powerful
    address pre-entry
  • Save verified and reliable
    location information
  • Immediately use standardized and homogeneous
    addresses on all your materials

  • Save precious time
    in the management of your contacts’ addresses
  • Safely complete
    your accounts / contacts sheets
  • Increase the overall quality
    of the information in your CRM
  • Plan specific
    marketing campaigns
  • Significantly reduce
    the number of NPAIs

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