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Event Manager for Sugar,
you event management optimized!

With Event Manager for Sugar, your event management and follow-ups take on a whole new dimension! Thanks to it, management is optimized for greater efficiency and a better customer relationship.

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Optimize the management of your events!

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Easily manage your events

If you regularly organize physical or online events (webinars, seminars, conferences, workshops…) Event Manager for Sugar is made for you! With it, you create your events directly from your CRM! By optimizing their setup in a rich and intuitive interface, this module saves you a great deal of time.

With it, launch your event and define its settings, invite your contacts, estimate your costs and fundings, run emailing campaigns and involve your contributors. Multiple options allow you to organize your event as you wish, quickly and without using any additional tools.

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Optimize events follow-up

As soon as your event is created, it requires a rigorous and regular follow-up. With Event Manager for Sugar, this follow-up is easily set up within your CRM. Manage the attendance and absence of your guests, indicate your costs and fundings, centralize your data, communicate with attendees, follow-up with your contacts (service providers, speakers, etc.)…

By using Event Manager for Sugar, you have better visibility and you can be reactive. The result is greater efficiency and optimized management for the delight of your interlocutors.

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Share information with your teams

Since Event Manager for Sugar is installed in your CRM, your contacts interactions (participation, emails…) are logged in their records. This way, your teams, especially sales teams, have additional information to share with your customers and prospects.

Thanks to the surveys and polls, they also have information related to their state of mind and their level of satisfaction. They can better contextualize their approach, at the right time, for a better customer experience. 

Event Manager for Sugar allows you to:

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  • Create events
  • Invite contacts
  • Manage your guests’ attendance (registration form)
  • Communicate with your guests and hosts
  • Define your event costs and funding
  • Keep track of your contacts’ interactions with events
  • Carry out satisfaction surveys and polls
    centralize your event information (place, date, speakers…)
  • Share information about your events with your teams
  • Organize and optimize your event’s follow-up
  • Build and send mailing campaigns (invitations, reminders…)

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