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HubSpot for Sugar® Integration,
to optimize the synchronisation of your contacts

With HubSpot for Sugar®, you can automate the update and bi-directional synchronization of your data (contacts, accounts, interactions, etc.) between SugarCRM and HubSpot with guaranteed reliability and efficiency!

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Efficiently synchronise your data
between SugarCRM and HubSpot!

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Unify all your data

With the bi-directional synchronization of your contacts (and leads for HubSpot), accounts and interactions from SugarCRM and HubSpot, the HubSpot for Sugar® Integration solution guarantees an unprecedented data quality.

Not only will your data be homogeneous and unified across all of your solutions, it will also remain up-to-date and immediately available to your teams. Forget about duplicates or even your doubts about the relevance of the data, you can now fully trust and use your data efficiently.

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Boost your teams’ efficiency

Thanks to the HubSpot for Sugar® Integration, your teams can save valuable time when using your data. In addition, and since the synchronization between the two tools is automated, your staff doesn’t have to worry about updating them.

As soon as the process of creating or modifying data is set up, it is carried out in complete autonomy, without any human involvement. Your teams only have one thing to do: focus on their job and bring even more value to your customers!

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Leverage your data

HubSpot for Sugar® Integration makes data from both tools available to all your teams, even if they are not initially users. Thanks to the solution, they can still benefit from all of your data. In this way, HUbSpot for Sugar® Integration multiplies the number of opportunities offered by your data and opens up many new perspectives for your staff.

Each team can enrich their own accounts and contacts and all of the others will effortlessly benefit from an enriched, 260-degree view of all customers.

HubSpot for Sugar® Integration allows you to:

Module HubSpot for Sugar Integration

  • Bi-directionally synchronize contacts, accounts and interactions between SugarCRM and HubSpot
  • Set up the creation or update of this data, and then to automate the process
  • Define the conditions for synchronizing the data between the two tools
  • Match data in real time, either one by one or through a bulk import
  • Benefit form the full power of the Integromat platform on which this connector is based

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