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the customization that boosts Sugar

ShapeMySugar is the module you need to convince your employees to use your CRM. Thanks to this module, you are able to customize many elements of your application so that your team can make it their own and identify your CRM as a new coworker. You will be surprised at the improvement of the user experience!

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Customize the interface of your CRM Sugar
and optimize the user experience

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A pleasant and dynamic user experience

With ShapeMySugar, your CRM will look like no other! This module allows you to customize your login page with an image, to replace various lists with images and to change the colors of the menu. You can thus personalize your CRM as you wish and change its appearance according to the context. Enough to make its use enjoyable!

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Optimized and fast data readability

You can guarantee the accessibility of your data to your employees by customizing your lists (contact type, account status…) with ShapeMySugar. With explanatory symbols and images, the information is more readable, understandable and therefore best used. Save time and help your team to optimize their workload!

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Better CRM adoption

Using your CRM becomes more pleasant and efficient thanks to ShapeMySugar. Teams are more willing to use a personalized tool that suits them and to take advantage of all its capabilities. When tool adoption gets tricky, ShapeMySugar is a strong ally to help convince your teams of the usefulness and benefits of the CRM.

ShapeMySugar allows you to:

ShapeMysugar, le module qui améliore l'expérience utilisateur

  • Customize your login picture and make your CRM more “corporate”
  • Replace choice lists with symbols and images
  • Tailor your CRM’s design to your needs
  • Make your CRM your own, besides data
  • Enhance the user experience within your CRM
  • Access and understand your CRM data faster
  • Help CRM adoption

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