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Synolia honored with Akeneo Best Migration 2.0 Award

Par Synolia le 12 octobre 2017

 Lecture 2 minutes

Last week, Synolia was devoted to PIM. Indeed, Akeneo, the software company, and its best European partners run a Hackathon focused on PIM Akeneo. The main objective was to create a work session and intensive development between the technical and operational experts regarding the brand new 2.0 version of PIM Akeneo.

From morning to night, a full week was needed for Akeneo’s team and its partners to take advantage of this new version. The purpose was to migrate clients’ projects on this new version, and also work on the optimization of the roll-out and migration processes and tools.

For this occasion Akeneo attributed the award of “Best Migration 2.0 Ever” to Axel and Damien, two Synolia experts. We are very proud of our PIM Akeneo involvement and this award is a great symbolic value of Synolia’s philosophy. Since our creation our values have been accrued on what makes our strength: our team, our involvement and our expertise!

Since the beginning, Synolia has been working with Akeneo to implement many projects in France and in Europe. By occupying a leading position on the PIM market, there is no longer any doubt about the success of Akeno’s platform.

In response to growing interest in this technology, this year, we have decided to create an entire new division dedicated to this activity, which until now, was only a branch of our E-commerce division. We are going to carry on strengthening our team of technical and operational experts regarding the Akeneo platform (we are hiring!). A big thank you to the entire Akeneo team for a flawless organization and its warm welcomes.

For those who would be interested in the latest Akeneo’s version, we have published a dedicated blog article here.

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